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in the following document you will find some advices which we would like to pass to you. This should help you during the first weeks to find your way at our university and its surroundings.


General notes:


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With the letter of the University you need personaly sign in at the Studentensekretariat.

From the Studentensekretariat you will get (after two weeks) a new letter which is your matriculation paper to the university. In this document you will find your needed log-in name and password (top right box, written in small letters).

 To get access to the courses, first you need to sign in with your log-in name and password from the matriculation paper at the  HRZ.

 After you have access to the university server, you can sign in for the courses at e-campus, which is also the platform most of the course material (the professors will provide you the special logins to their courses during their lectures).


To sign in for e.g. exams, you need to use Basis

where all your personal details are listed.


Every semester you will have two exam periods. Please keep in mind that during these periods you should take the exams from the actual semester. Otherwise you will have problems following the program in time (e.g. too many exams because its amount will increase)


If you need any student help contact us.


If you want to learn more languages , or take a look at the usefull links.