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Latest Publications
  • Baum, C. M., Gross, C. (2017): Developing behavior-informed strategies for climate and sustainability policy.Journal of Bioeconomics Special Issue “Transition to Sustainable Economy” 19(1)53-95.
  • Borge, L., Bröring, S. (2017): Exploring effectiveness of technology transfer in interdisciplinary settings- The case of the bioeconomyCreativity and Innovation Management Journal.
  • Bröring, S., Wensing, J. (2017): Functional Ingredients: Market Research. (forthcoming), in: Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology.
  • Butkowski, O., Pakseresht, A., Lagerkvist, C., Bröring, S. (2017): Debunking the Myth of General Consumer Rejection of Green Genetic Engineering: Empirical Evidence from Germany.International Journal of Consumer Studies.
  • Berg, S., Kircher, M., Preschitschek, N., Bröring, S., Schurr, U. (2017): Die Bioökonomie als Kreislauf und Verbundsystem, in: Pietzsch, J Bioökonomie für Einsteiger141-160Springer Spektrum.
  • Bröring, S., Baum, C. M., Butkowski, O., Kircher, M. (2017): Kriterien für den Erfolg der Bioökonomie., in: In J. Pietszch (Ed.), Bioökonomie für Einsteiger161-177Springer Spektrum.
  • Tiso, T., Thies, S., Müller, M., Tsvetanova, L., Carraresi, L., Bröring, S., Jaeger, K.-E., Blank, L. M. (2017): Rhamnolipids: Production, Performance, and Application, in Consequences of Microbial Interactions with Hydrocarbons, Oils, and Lipids: Production of Fuels and Chemicals (Edited by Sang Yup Lee)1-37Springer International PublishingLink.
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MSc Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)  

Winter term
Summer term

1) Module ABS-140: Organizational Management and Logistics  


2) Module ABS-120: Business Planning and Planning Methods

3) Module ABS-150: Process Based Management (for further information contact Dr. Ralf Helbig)


4) Module ABS-330: Research Seminar in Agribusiness (for further information contact Laura Borge)



1) Module ABS-230: Strategy & Innovation Management in Agribusiness


2) Module ABS-310: Seminar Quality and Innovation Management in Agribusiness


3) Module ABS-330: Research Seminar in Agribusiness


BSc Agrarwissenschaften/Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften (only in German)

Winter term
Summer term

1) Module B-AE-Ö-09: Unternehmensgründungen in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft


2) Modul B-AE-Ö-04: Unternehmensplanung und Organisation


1) WiSo II – Betriebsplanung und Rechnungswesen                                             


2) Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in der Agrar- und Ernährungsökonomie


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