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Besuch der Lehr- und Forschungsstation Frankenforst

For this year‘s summer chair trip our chair visited the Uni Bonn research station “Frankenforst” which is chaired by Prof. Dr. Karl Schellander. The farm is located in the beautiful area of Vinxel, which is a district of Königswinter and on the edge of the “Siebengebirge”. Therefore our group explored the area during a nice hiking tour in best, sunny weather. The hiking route took us past fields and forest.

IMG_4768_klein.jpg  IMG_4771_klein.jpg

IMG_4774_klein.JPG  IMG_4778_klein.jpg

At a clearing, we decided to take a break and have a picnic with food and drink everyone prepared beforehand. Thanks to our international team, we were able to have a tasty variety of food, from all over the world. Afterwards we hiked back to “Gut Frankenforst”, where we were expected by Dr. Hölker, who is in charge of the daily business on the farm. He informed us about the history of this beautiful, old territory and about the current research activities. Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Bröring introduced our chair and our research. This ended up in a vivid talk about overlaps and potential collaborations. Afterwards, Dr. Hölker guided us along the research station and showed us how research can be conducted with the help of a new cow barn and in the biotechnology labs for instance. In the end of this eventful day, we enjoyed a Spanish dinner at a local restaurant.

IMG_4824_klein.jpg  IMG_4825_klein.jpg


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