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Sie sind hier: Startseite Study Program_old Courses Summer Term 2012 “Sensor technologies and their application“ “Sensor technologies and their application“

The module “Sensor technologies and their application“ will run during summer term 2012.

It is a focal course in the study line, and coordinated with the  research network  


Program Coordinators

Prof. Dr. H. Goldbach, Dr. Joanna Post


Joanna Post, Raimund Kösters


  • Time: to be announced (see course description)
  • Registration: please register by e-mail until Friday, 11th May  2012 (Dr. Joanna Post, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])

Course description

1.    Sensor technologies in the laboratory (3 x 2h)

16 May 2012 (3DLaser)
23 May 2012 (Hyperspectral & Thermal)
19 June 2012 (Terahertz & Sub-terahertz)


2.    Sensor technologies in the greenhouse (1 day) - Forschungszentrum Jülich
– Wednesday 13 June 2012

3.    Field phenotyping technologies, Klein Altendorf (1 day)
 - Thursday 31 May 2012, 10.30-16.00, location: Außenlabore Campus Klein-Altendorf Field Phenotyping Day: Widening-up the „Phenotypic bottleneck“ – a challenge towards precision plant breeding and plant production

4.    Breeding techniques and field application (1 day)
 – dates to be confirmed (in June)

Plant breeding Field Day, Leopoldshöhe, SAATEN UNION